Snails Puzzle Sheets

Snails are fun creatures to learn about. They move very slowly, secreting a trail of mucus to help them have less friction when they move. They travel around 45m an hour making them one of the slowest animals on Earth! We have lots of fun fascinating facts, puzzles and colourings in our snail section.


Snail Maze

We have created a great snail maze. Can you guide our snail through the maze to the flowers so he can have a snack? 

Word Search

Snail Word Search

Lots of snail related words to find in our great snail word search. Don't forget to look diagonally and for those sneaky backwards words!

Grid copy

Snail Grid Copy Easy

This cute smiley snail is perfect for those younger children wanting to draw. Use the grid to help copy the snail. The easiest in our snail grid copy set.

Snail Grid Copy Harder

A slightly harder snail grid copy, just use the grid to help draw the snail. This is perfect for slightly older children. 

Snail Grid Copy Medium

Our great slimey snail is all ready to be copied in this great grid copy sheet. We have made the grid a bit smaller as the snail is quite detailed.

Dot to Dot

Snail Dot To Dot

This cute cheeky snail makes a lovely dot to dot page. Perfect for practicing pen control and ordering numbers.

Odd One Out

Snail Odd One Out

Which of the cute snails is the odd one out?