Grasshoppers Puzzle Sheets

We have created a great section all about grasshoppers. Have you ever wandered how far a grasshopper can jump or how they make their distinctive chirping noise? This section gives lots of answers and has lots of fun colourings and puzzles to keep you busy.


Grasshopper Maze

Our grasshopper loves corn and has spotted a tasty corn field on the other side of the farm. Can you guide the grasshopper through the maze to reach the tasty corn?

Grid copy

Grasshopper Grid Copy

This grasshopper grid copy is great for helping with observation and concentration. Copy the grasshopper into the grid provided.

Grasshopper Grid Copy Harder

This very challenging grasshopper grid copy has lots of detail and will keep you busy for a while.

Dot to Dot

Grasshopper Dot To Dot

A grasshopper dot to dot, great for pen control and number recognition and ordering.

Odd One Out

Grasshopper Odd One Out

My daughters love to find a grasshopper and they loved our grasshopper odd one out page. Can you spot which one is different from the rest? My children love to see which one of them can spot the difference first.