Ants Puzzle Sheets

Ants are amazing creatures. Did you know that the ant is one of the strongest creatures in relation to its size? It can carry 50 times its own body weight! We have lots of interesting facts, colourings and puzzles in our great ant minibeast section. We hope you enjoy it.


Ant Maze

These ants have spotted a yummy ice lolly a little girl has dropped accross the park. Can you guide them through the maze to find their food? A great maze with three cute ants to colour.

Word Search

Ant Word Search

We have lots of ant related words to find in our ant word search plus a cute little ant to colour. 

Grid copy

Ant Grid Copy

Our cute smiley ant makes a nice easy grid copy suitable for younger children. 

Ant Grid Copy Harder

This more realistic ant has lots of detail and makes a great grid copy for older children who like a bit more of a challenge.

Dot to Dot

Ant Dot To Dot

This ant dot to dot has 84 numbers to find and join up. Great for number recognition and helping improve pen control.

Odd One Out

Ant Odd One Out

Which of the ants is the odd one out?