Strawberries Puzzle Sheets

S is for Strawberry. Did you know that strawberries have on average 200 seeds on them and they aren't technically a berry as they don't have their seeds on the inside, they are instead an accessory fruit! We have lots of great strawberry related content in this great section, from colourings, dot to dots and worksheets we have it all.

Grid copy

Strawberry Grid Copy

Recreate the strawberry on the grid provided by copying it one square at a time. Great for improving drawing and observation skills.

Dot to Dot

Strawberry Dot To Dot

Join the dots to reveal this cute strawberry, why not colour it in to make it extra special? Great for number recognition and number ordering skills.

Complete The Picture

Strawberry Complete The Picture

Fill in the blanks to recreate this cute strawberry in this great puzzle.