Apples Puzzle Sheets

A is for Apples and we have lots of apple activities here for you to enjoy. We have apple colourings, worksheets, word searches and lots more. If apples are your favourite food or you want to learn about them as a part of a healthy eating topic then you are in the right place.


Apple and Worm Circle Maze

This cute little worm is very hungry, can you help him through the maze to get to the apple?

Apple and Worm Square Maze

This cute little worm is very hungry, can you help him through the maze to get to the apple?

Apple Maze

Can you work your way through the maze which is shaped like an apple? A great activity for a food topic or to celebrate Apple Day. 

Apple Maze Sheet

We have created an apple maze sheet with all four of our great apple mazes. Can you solve them all? We have also included two apple jokes to share with your friends.

Apple Maze Simpler

We have created an easier version of our apple maze which is perfect for younger children and great for improving pencil control skills. 

Word Search

Apple Day Word Search

Apple Day is a day to celebrate all things to do with apples. We have created an apple word search to help celebrate this fun day, can you find all the apple related words? 

Apple Variety Word Search

There are so many varieties of apples, which is your favourite? We have created a word search of some of the more popular varieties. We hope you have fun finding them. 

Grid copy

Apple and Slice Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to create a copy of the apple and half slice. It is easier if you complete one small square at a time. 

Apple Grid Copy

Copy the apple on the grid provided, it is a lot easier if you do it one square at a time. 

Dot to Dot

Apple Dot To Dot

Join the dots to complete the apple. This is a great activity to improve number recognition, number order and pencil control. 

Colour Copy

Apple Tree Colour Copy

This lovely picture of an apple tree laden with lots of juicy fruit is all ready to be coloured in. Use the finished picture as a guide to create your own masterpiece. 

Spot The Difference

Apple Tree Find The Difference Puzzle

Can you find all 10 differences between these two pictures of an apple tree? Why not colour the picture in when you have found all the differences?

Complete The Picture

Apple Complete The Picture

Use the picture of the completed apple to fill in the gaps and compete your own apple. This is a great way to improve both observation and drawing skills.