Thanksgiving Worksheets

Thanksgiving Count and Colour Worksheet

Our count and colour Thanksgiving worksheet is aimed at younger children. Colour the number of people or objects indicated to complete this great sheet.  

Thanksgiving Counting Sheet

This great Thanksgiving counting sheet is perfect for younger children first learning to count and their first numbers. Count the number of Thanksgiving people or objects and write it in the box provided to complete this sheet. 

Thanksgiving Ordinal Numbers Worksheet

This great Thanksgiving worksheet teaches younger children the position of the numbers in relation to others. 

Thanksgiving Colouring Sheets

Cornucopia Colouring

This Thanksgiving cornucopia is bursting with fresh fruit, vegetables and grains all ready to be coloured in. 

First Thanksgiving Children Colouring

This cute set of Native American and Pilgrim children are all ready for their Thanksgiving meal. This is a great colouring activity for younger children.

Happy Thanksgiving Children Colouring

This lovely colouring page shows Native American and Pilgrim children all ready to share their food at Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving Fruit and Vegetable Colouring

This Happy Thanksgiving poster is decorated with all things relating to Thanksgiving such as fruits, vegetables, pilgrim hat and a turkey. A great colouring activity to celebrate the day.

Happy Thanksgiving Poster to decorate

This Happy Thanksgiving poster is all ready for children to decorate with all things related to Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Colouring

This Happy Thanksgiving colouring page features a cute turkey, perfect for younger children to decorate and colour. 

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Doodle Colouring

This Happy Thanksgiving page is more detailed and perfect for older children. 

Native American Boy

This cute Native American boy is all ready to print out and colour in for Thanksgiving. 

Native American Girl Colouring

This Native American girl is all ready to print out and colour in for Thanksgiving.

Pilgrim Boy Colouring Page

This cute pilgrim boy is all ready to colour in for Thanksgiving. 

Pilgrim Girl Colouring

This pilgrim girl is all ready to colour in for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Turkey Colouring

Our cute Thanksgiving turkey is all ready to colour. This is a great colouring for younger children or why not get older children to design their own doodle pattern and then colour it in?

Thanksgiving Puzzle Sheets

Thanksgiving Puzzle Sheet

This Thanksgiving puzzle activity sheet contains four great puzzles to keep the children busy. It includes a festive Thanksgiving word search, Sudoku, spot the difference and a word scramble.

Thanksgiving Maze Easy

Help the pilgrim through the maze to reach the turkey so he can take it to the Thanksgiving dinner with his family and friends. This is an easier maze suitable for younger children. 

Thanksgiving Maze Harder

This Native American girl needs help getting through the maze of fields to find pumpkins to take to the Thanksgiving meal. Can you help her out? This is a harder maze suitable for slightly older children. 

Thanksgiving Word Search

Find the Thanksgiving related words in this great word search. Why not make it extra special by colouring in the corn?

Thanksgiving Word Search Easier

A slightly easier Thanksgiving word search for younger children. 

Thanksgiving Crossword

How much do you know about Thanksgiving? We have a great Thanksgiving crossword to keep both the children and adults busy while the turkey is cooking! 

Thanksgiving Wordfit Puzzle

Can you fit all the Thanksgiving related words into the grid? Perfect class or family activity.

Thanksgiving Word Scramble

Can you solve these Thanksgiving anagrams to complete our word scramble page? We have provided a solution sheet just in case you get stuck.

Thanksgiving Easy Sudoku

This Thanksgiving Sudoku is a great way to introduce younger children to Sudoku. There are two easy puzzles where you have to put the letters of the word "kind" into the grid.  

Thanksgiving Mayflower Sudoku

This Thanksgiving "Mayflower" Sudoku is aimed at slightly older children. Put the letters of the word "Mayflower" into the grid following the rules to solve this great puzzle.

Thanksgiving Number Sudoku

This Thanksgiving Sudoku is a more traditional number Sudoku decorated with a Thanksgiving theme. We have included a downloadable solution in case you get stuck. 

Thanksgiving Boggled Puzzle

Use the rules provided to find as many words as you can on this great Thanksgiving boggled page. Great for a class activity or for children to challenge their friends.

Thanksgiving Shadow Puzzle

Can you match the object to its silhouette in this great Thanksgiving shadow puzzle?

Thanksgiving Turkey Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to draw your own Thanksgiving turkey. Just take it one square at a time to create your own masterpiece. 

Thanksgiving How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can be made from the phrase "Happy Thanksgiving"? A great class activity or perfect to give to the children whilst the dinner is cooking!

Thanksgiving Turkey Dot To Dot

Join the dots to reveal this great Thanksgiving turkey. This would look even better coloured in. 

Thanksgiving I Spy Page

How many of each of the Thanksgiving people and objects can you spy on our Thanksgiving I spy page?

Thanksgiving Word Wheel Puzzle 1

Find as many words as you can using the central letter in this great Thanksgiving word wheel puzzle. Can you find the 9 letter word?

Thanksgiving Word Wheel Puzzle 2

Find as many words as you can using the central letter in this great Thanksgiving word wheel puzzle. Can you find the 9 letter word?

Thanksgiving Alphabet Challenge

Can you find something beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet relating to Thanksgiving? A great class activity or perfect for the family whilst waiting for the dinner to cook.

Thanksgiving Arithmagon Puzzle

These four arithmagon puzzles are great for improving logic skills. We have created them with a Thanksgiving theme with cute pumpkins that can be coloured in to make the sheet extra special.

Thanksgiving Word Star Puzzle

These festive Thanksgiving word star puzzles are great for those people that like to solve anagrams. When drawn correctly the solution forms the shape of a star. 

Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Thankful Acrostic Poem

This Thanksgiving "Thankful" acrostic poem is great to get children being creative with their writing. A perfect template for their poetry masterpiece.

Thanksgiving Dinner Playdough Mat

This dinner plate is all ready to be filled with the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. What will children make with this great playdough mat, will it be a traditional turkey dinner or a plate of cake and jelly?