Chinese New Year

Welcome to our Chinese New Year resources which include colourings, word searches, crosswords and lots more puzzles and games. The Chinese New year celebration centres around removing the bad and the old and welcoming the new and the good. The festival signals the beginning of spring and the start of a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar. There are 12 animals associated with the Chinese zodiac and each year is associated with one of these animals.  

2022 is the Year of The Tiger  - People born in this year are supposedly kind, adventurous, courageous, energetic and love a challenge. 

Chinese New Year Colouring Sheets

Chinese New Year 2022

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this fun colouring page. Lots of detail to keep children busy.

Chinese New Year Tiger

This cute tiger is all ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This is a great colouring if you are learning about the Chinese New Year and Year of the Tiger. 

Chinese Temple Colouring

This Chinese Temple colouring is a great way to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Why not add your own details or special message?

Chinese Year of the Tiger Colouring

2022 is the Chinese year of the tiger. This fun colouring features the year 2022 decorated with tigers. We hope you have fun colouring it in. Why not add some more detail around the edges of other things associated with the celebration?

Happy Chinese New Year Colouring

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this great colouring featuring a Chinese temple and lanterns. 

Chinese New Year Puzzle Sheets

Chinese New Year Word Search

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with our fun word search. Search for the words vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Can you find them all? We have a solution sheet if you get stuck.

Chinese New Year Word Search Easy

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with this fun word search. Can you find all the Chinese New Year related words? We have a solution page that you can download if you get stuck. 

Chinese Zodiac Animal Word Search

There are 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Can you find them all in this fun word search?

Chinese New Year Crossword

This fun Chinese New Year crossword puzzle is a great activity to celebrate this special occasion. Learn more about the Chinese New Year and if you get stuck we have a solution sheet that you can print off or view. 

Chinese New Year Boggled Puzzle

Try and find as many words as you can in our boggled puzzles. You can mover horizontally, vertically or diagonally to adjacent squares to make words. You get double points for any Chinese New Year themed word. All the rules are printed on the sheet, perfect as a class challenge.

Chinese New Year Alphabet Challenge

Can you come up with something Chinese New Year related for each of the letters of the alphabet? 

Chinese New Year Arithmagon

These fun arithmagons are a great way to improve logic and maths skills. We have created a Chinese New Year themed sheet, perfect for slightly older children learning about the Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year Printables

Tiger Acrostic Poem

Celebrate the Chinese Year of the Tiger with this fun acrostic poem sheet. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?