We have lots of different cars in our car theme including racing cars, Beetles, Landrovers and lots more.

Cars Colouring Sheets

4x4 Car

We have a great four wheel drive, off road car for you to colour.

Beetle Car

If you are a fan of the Beetle car this colouring is sure to appeal. A great little Beetle bug car to colour.


This cute car is perfect for younger children.

Racing Car

A fantastic racing car for you to colour.

Cars Printables

Car Poster

This car poster is perfect for a classroom display or to help younger children with reading or spelling. Great for car fans or as part of a transport topic.

Cars Acrostic Poem

A great fun cars acrostic poem sheet. Great for a transport theme or those kids that love cars.

Cars Puzzle Sheets

Transport Maze

Help the man to find his car in this great transport maze. Why not colour in the pictures to make the sheet extra special?

Car Makers Word Search

This car makers word search is sure to keep you busy. Is your favourite car maker on the list?

Cars Word Search

Lots of car words to find in our cars word search. Don't forget to look for words diagonally and backwards.

Cars Sudoku

Two great Sudoku that spell the words "CARS". These are perfect to help improve logic skills and are a very popular puzzle.

Car Grid Copy

We have a fairly easy car for you to copy using the grid method. Great for improving concentration and pen control.

Car Colour By Numbers

Get your crayons out and colour this great car colour by numbers puzzle sheet.

Cars Worksheets

Cars How Many Worksheet

Count how many cars there are and put in the box provided in this lovely colour worksheet.