Lots of different boats in our boats section.

Boats Colouring Sheets


We have a lovely detailed yachts colouring which is perfect for the older child.

Yachts Blue Colouring

Our beautiful yachts colouring page with a blue background to make your work stand out even more.

Boats Printables

Boat Poster

This simple boat poster is perfect for decorating the classroom for a transport topic and is also good to help children read and write the word.

Boats Puzzle Sheets

Boats Word Search

Lots of boat words to find in our boat word search. Don't forget to look for words diagonally and backwards.

Boat Sudoku

Two great "BOAT" Sudoku on one page. These are easier Sudoku, so are perfect for those first starting out. 

Boat Colour By Numbers

Get your crayons out and colour this great boat colour by numbers puzzle sheet.