American Football

If you are a fan of American football then you have come to the right place. We have lots of colourings, puzzles and games for you to enjoy and keep you busy. 

American Football Colouring Sheets

American Football Colouring Page

The American football is sometimes referred to as the "pigskin" due to the earliest balls being made from a blown up pigs bladder. Modern footballs are made of leather and still have an internal bladder but this is now made of polyurethane or rubber. This great colouring page features an American football all ready to be coloured in.

American Football Helmet and Trophy Colouring Page

This fun colouring page features an American footballers helmet and a trophy. A perfect sheet for fans of the game. Why not write your own or your teams name on the trophy?

American Football Helmet Colouring Page

This American football helmet is all ready to be coloured in, why not make your own design or decorate it to match your favourite teams helmet?

American Football Helmet Mindful Colouring page

Why not take a relax and a break from the game and colour this detailed mindful American football helmet? Great for children and adults. 

American Football Shield Colouring Page

This fun colouring page is perfect for fans of American football. It features a shield to colour in and a space where you can write the name of your favourite team. 

American Footballer Colouring Page

This fun American footballer is all ready to be coloured in. Why not colour and decorate it in your teams favourite colours? 

American Footballer Cute Colouring Page

This cute American footballer is just about to catch the ball in this fun colouring page. Why not colour him in your teams favourite colours? 

American Football Games

Roll and American Footballer Dice Game

This game is perfect for American football fans. All you need to play is to print out the sheet, cut out the pieces and grab a dice. You can make the game longer by having to roll a 3 for each of the eyes and a 5 for each of the eyebrows. We hope you have fun with the game. 

Roll and Cover American Football Game

Print out this fun sheet and grab two dice and you are ready to play this great game. Perfect for American football fans and those learning to add 2 dice together. You can cover up the numbers with anything you like including counters, coffee beans or scraps of paper. 

American Football Tic Tac Toe

Print the sheet, cut out the counters and grab a friend to play this great American football version of the classic tic tac toe. 

American Football Printables

American Footballer Poster

We have created a cute American footballer poster for you to print and decorate your class or bedroom. 

F For Football Flashcard Poster

We have created this "F for football poster" in a flashcard style to help with word and letter recognition.  

Football Poster

A labelled American football poster for you to download and print to decorate the classroom. Also helps with word recognition.

American Football Puzzle Sheets

American Football Easy Maze

Can you find the way through the maze to get the players helmet in this fun puzzle? It is made easier for younger children to enjoy.

American Football Mathematical Maze

Can you get through the maze going from number 1 to 22 to find the football? This great maze is perfect for those learning number order and is also fun to complete.

American Football Maze

Can you help the American footballer find his ball by telling him the correct path to follow? This is a fun maze for all the American football fans. 

American Football Maze Harder

This American football maze is harder for older children to enjoy. Can you find the missing player?

American Football Easy Word Search

Can you find all the American football words in this fun word search? To make it easier we have only included words placed either horizontal or vertical. 

American Football Wordsearch

Can you find all the American football related words in this fun word search? Don't forget to look diagonally as well as horizontally and vertically for the words. 

NFL Team Word Search

Can you find all 32 NFL teams in this fun word search? It's not easy and you need to look for the words horizontally, vertically, diagonally and even backwards, good luck!

American Football Boggled Puzzle

Find as many words as you can following the rules provided. Don't forget you get double points for any football related word. A great puzzle to play individually or why not challenge a friend?

American Football Shadow Match

This American football shadow match is perfect for younger football fans. Great for practicing pencil control and improving observation skills.

American Football Grid Copy

Draw your own American football using the grid provided. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

American Football Helmet Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to draw your own American football helmet. Copy one square at a time to make it easier. 

American Footballer Grid Copy

Can you draw your own American footballer with this fun grid copy page? This isn't an easy grid copy as there is a lot of detail. Copy the drawing one square at a time to make it easier.

Hot Dog and Soda Grid Copy

These snacks are a favourite at the game, can you use the grid provided to draw your own hot dog and soda? Will you put mustard or mayo on the top?

American Football How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make of two or more letters from "American Football"? A great puzzle to challenge yourself or why not complete as a class or challenge a friend?

American Football I Spy Puzzle

How many of each of the American football objects can you find in this great puzzle? Why not colour as you count to make the sheet extra special?

American Football Sword Wheel

Can you find as many words as possible using the rules provided in this fun American football themed word wheel?. There is also a 9 letter word to find.

American Football Alphabet Challenge

For each of the letters of the alphabet can you think of an American football related word? 

American Football Helmet Colour Copy

We have a bright American football helmet ready for you to colour copy. We hope you have fun colouring it in.

American Footballer Colour Copy

Can you colour the American footballer to match the already coloured one? 

American Football Spot The Difference

Can you spot all the 5 differences between the two American footballers? 

Build an American Footballer Colour Cut and Glue

This cute American footballer is all ready to be coloured in, cut out and glued down to make your very own player. There is a colour option shown but you could use your own team colours to make it unique. 

Build an American Footballer Cut and Glue

Cut out the pieces of this American footballer and glue them down to make you very own player. You need to layer them up correctly to match the picture. 

American Football Code Breaker Puzzle

Can you find the American football quote by using the code breaker in this fun puzzle?

American Football Worksheets

F For Football Worksheet

This sheet is aimed at younger children, helping with their letter and word recognition. It also has handwriting practice of the word football.

F Is For Football Handwriting Practice

This sheet is aimed at younger children first learning their letters. There is a big letter F to finger trace and some handwriting practice of the word "football". There is also a big football that can be coloured in.

American Football Count and Colour Worksheet

Count and colour the number of American football objects shown in this fun worksheet. This is a great first sheet to help with number recognition.

Design Your Own American Football Helmet

Use the template provided to design your very own American football helmet. Why not colour or decorate it to make it extra special?