Autumn Fall

Autumn or Fall is the time when the nights get longer and the trees change color. Why not use this extra time indoors spending time doing some activities together. We have a number of children’s activities to keep the kids busy this Autumn. Why not color one of our Fall coloring sheets or puzzle it out with the Autumn word search and maze. If you enjoy solving anagrams our Autumn word jumble is for you. Please scroll down and take a look at what activities we have available all for free!

Autumn Fall Colouring Sheets

Autumn Scarecrow

Autumn Scarecrow in field coloring page.

Autumn themed page

An Autumn themed page for you to color.

Autumn word

Autumn word for you to decorate and color.

Fall themed page

A Fall themed page for you to color.

Fall word

Fall word for you to decorate and color.

Playing in a leaf pile

Playing in a leaf pile coloring page.

Scarecrow coloring page

Scarecrow coloring page.

Autumn Fall Puzzle Sheets

Autumn Word Search

Autumn Word Search – easier word search.

Scarecrow Word Search

Scarecrow Word Search – harder word search.

Autumn / Fall Word Scramble

If you enjoy anagrams our Fall word scramble will keep you busy.

Autumn Fall Worksheets