Baseball Puzzle Sheets

Baseball is such popular sport with leagues such as the Major League in America. It is played between two teams of nine players taking turns batting and fielding. We have lots of baseball content to keep you busy including colourings, puzzles and lots more.

Word Search

Baseball Easy Word Search

Can you find all the hidden words in this fun baseball themed word search? We have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words to make it more accessible for younger children.

Baseball Word Search

Can you find all 18 hidden words in this fun baseball themed word search? There is even a cute little baseball player to colour in.

Major League Baseball Team Word Search

Can you find the 30 Major League Baseball teams hidden in this word search? It's not easy as some of the words might be diagonal or backwards. 


Baseball Boggled Puzzle

Find as many words as you can in this fun word game puzzle. All the rules are provided and don't forget to give yourself double points for any baseball related words you find. 

Grid copy

Baseball Glove Grid Copy

Use the grid to create a copy of the baseball glove. Try doing one square at a time and the picture soon builds up.

Baseball Grid Copy

Use the grid to create a copy of the baseball. Try doing one square at a time and the picture soon builds up.

How Many Words Puzzles

Baseball Game How Many Words Puzzle

How many words of two or more letters can you make from "baseball game"? Why not challenge your friends or class to see who can find the most?

Dot to Dot

Baseball Player Dot to Dot

Join the dots to complete this fun picture of a girl playing baseball.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Baseball Player Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this sheet on to thin card and cut into the numbered strips. You can now solve the puzzle by putting it in number order to reveal the picture. Great for improving number ordering skills.

Baseball Printable Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out the sheet and cut into the individual pieces. You are now ready to solve this fun baseball jigsaw puzzle. It is best printed on thin card to give the best results.

I Spy

Baseball I Spy Puzzle

Can you find each of the objects and count how many you can see of each in this fun baseball I spy puzzle?

Alphabet Challenge

Baseball Alphabet Challenge

Can you come up with a baseball related word for each of the letters of the alphabet? Think about the different teams, where they are from and the players that play for them.

Colour Copy

Baseball Colour Copy

Get your red pencil out and copy the colours in the baseball picture to match. Try giving it shadow to make it more three dimensional. 

Spot The Difference

Baseball Find The Difference

Can you find the 10 differences between these two baseball themed pictures?

Cut and Glue

Build a Baseball Player

Colour in and cut out each of the pieces of the baseball player and stick them back together to match the picture. Perfect for improving colouring and scissor skills.