Police Puzzle Sheets

The Police are there to enforce the law, stop crime and protect us. If you are learning about the police we have lots of great colourings, puzzles and worksheets to keep you busy.


Police Maze

Can you help the police officer get to their car on this fun maze sheet?

Word Search

Police Word Search

There are 18 police related words to find in this fun word search puzzle. There is even a picture of some very friendly police officers to colour while you find the words.

Police Word Search Easier

Can you find all the police words in this fun word search. We have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words making it perfect for younger children.


Police Boggled Puzzle

Can you make as many words as you can using the rules provided in this fun word game? Don't forget to give yourself double points for any police related words you find.

Shadow Match

Police Shadow Match

Can you draw a line between the police object and its shadow in this fun puzzle sheet. Great for improving observational skills.

Grid copy

Police Car Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to draw your own police car using the finished picture and grid to help you. 

Police Dog Grid Copy

Use the completed picture and the grid provided to draw your own police dog.

Police Equipment Grid Copy

Use the completed picture and the grid provided to draw the different police equipment. 

Police Helicopter Grid Copy

Draw your own police helicopter by using the grid and copying one square at a time. The picture soon builds up and looks great coloured in.

Police Officer Grid Copy

Use the grid and the completed picture to draw your own police officer. 

Police Station Grid Copy

Use the picture and the grid provided to draw your own police station. This is an easier grid copy with lots of straight lines, perfect for younger children.

Colour By Numbers

Police Car Colour By Number Puzzle

Get your crayons ready and use the numbers to pick the correct colour in this fun police car colour by numbers sheet.

How Many Words Puzzles

Police How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make from the letters in "police officers"? Why not challenge your friends or class to see who can find the most?

Dot to Dot

Police Car Dot to Dot Puzzle

Join the dots to complete the picture of the police car. Why not colour it in after you have finished joining the dots to make it extra special?

Jigsaw Puzzles

Police Car Number Sequencing Jigsaw

Print out the sheet and cut into strips and use the numbers to put the jigsaw back together. Great for improving number sequencing skills. 

Police Car Spelling Jigsaw

Print and cut the sheet into strips. Use the spelling of the words "police car" to put the jigsaw back together. It is even better if laminated or you stick them down on a separate piece of paper. 

Police Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this fun jigsaw puzzle of a police officer arresting a criminal, cut out the pieces and you are ready to start. The sheet is great laminated or printed on thin card.

I Spy

Police I Spy Puzzle

Can you spy all the different police equipment in this fun puzzle? Why not count how many of each, put the number in the boxes and colour it in to make it extra special?

Alphabet Challenge

Police Alphabet Challenge

This fun word puzzle game is sure to get you thinking. Can you think of a word relating to the police for each of the letters of the alphabet? 

Colour Copy

Police Colour Copy

Use the finished colours in the picture of a police officer arresting a man to create your own version. 

Spot The Difference

Police Find the Difference Puzzle

Can you find the 10 differences between these two police scenes?

Cut and Glue

Police Cut and Glue

Cut out the shapes and stick them down in the correct place to complete the police picture. 

Police Officer Cut and Glue

Can you put the police officer back together by cutting out the pieces and sticking them in the right place?