Wood Louse Puzzle Sheets

Did you know that a wood louse is actually a crustacean and is closely related to lobsters and crabs? We have lots of fun facts about the wood louse as well as some great colourings, puzzles and games.


Wood Louse Maze

This flock of wood lice has seen some fallen apples on the orchard floor. Can you guide them through the maze to find their food? A great maze which includes three cute wood lice to colour.

Word Search

Wood Louse Word Search

There are lots of words to find in this great wood louse word search. 

Grid copy

Wood Louse Grid Copy

This wood louse makes a great grid copy sheet. Use the grid to help draw him.

Wood Louse Grid Copy Harder

This wood louse grid copy is quite challenging and contains lots of detail.

Dot to Dot

Wood Louse Dot To Dot

Here we have a great wood louse dot to dot puzzle.

Odd One Out

Wood Louse Odd One Out

Which out of the wood lice is the odd one out?