Scorpions Puzzle Sheets

Did you know that a scorpions glow under ultraviolet light, have eight legs and are in the class Arachnida, which means they are related to spiders? With their venomous sting the scorpion is a fascinating creature. If you are interested in scorpions we have lots more fun facts, information, puzzles, colourings and games in our scorpion section.


Scorpion Maze

The scorpion has spotted some insects it wants to eat for its dinner. Can you guide it through the maze to find them?

Grid copy

Scorpion Grid Copy

Our scorpion grid copy comes in two difficulty levels. This is the easier and suitable for younger children or people first starting out on grid copy puzzles.

Scorpion Grid Copy Harder

This harder scorpion grid copy has lots more detail and presents quite a challenge.

Dot to Dot

Scorpion Dot to Dot Page

Our scorpion dot to dot is not too difficult and great for younger children. We have numbers 1-16 to join up to reveal our fun little scorpion. Great for number recognition and pen control or as a quick puzzle.

Odd One Out

Scorpion Odd One Out

Which one of our scorpions is the odd one out? Can you spot it?