Moths Puzzle Sheets

Moths are not always boring and brown, they can be colourful, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and can even be as big as a dinner plate. We have lots of fun facts about moths as well as colourings, puzzles and worksheets.


Moth Maze

This moth has flown into the bedroom and wants to escape back into the fresh air. Can you guide him through the maze to help him escape?

Grid copy

Moth Grid Copy

An easier moth grid copy, great for improving observation and concentration skills.

Moth Grid Copy Harder

This very detailed moth makes a great grid copy challenge. It is quite trick so probably more suitable for older children.

Dot to Dot

Moth Dot To Dot

Join the dots to reveal a moth all ready for you to colour in.

Odd One Out

Moth Odd One Out

We have eight moths, can you spot which is the odd one out? A great spot the difference page for all those minibeast fans.