Caterpillar Puzzle Sheets

A caterpillar is a young butterfly or moth that has hatched out of an egg. They are really big eaters with huge appetites. A caterpillar can eat 27,000 times its body weight in its life cycle! We have lots more fun caterpillar facts, colourings and puzzles in our caterpillar theme.



Caterpillar Maze

Our very own hungry caterpillar has seen some tasty flowers. Can you guide him through the maze to find them?

Grid copy

Caterpillar Grid Copy

Our very hungry smiley caterpillar is all ready for you to copy. Use the grid provided to help.

Caterpillar Grid Copy Harder

This more detailed caterpillar makes a more challenging grid copy. Great for older children.

Dot to Dot

Caterpillar Dot To Dot

Here we have our smiley caterpillar dot to dot. Join the numbers from 1-66 to reveal our cute minibeast.

Odd One Out

Caterpillar Odd One Out

We have eleven cute little caterpillars. Can you spot which one is different from all the rest?