Pineapples Puzzle Sheets

P is for pineapple. Did you know that pineapple plants can only grow one fruit at a time and each fruit can take a year from blossom to edible fruit? They are worth the wait though! We have lots of pineapple activities in our pineapple section including colourings, puzzles and lots more.

Grid copy

Pineapple Grid Copy

Can you draw your own pineapple by copying the one in the grid, square by square? Perfect for improving observation and drawing skills. 

Dot to Dot

Pineapple Dot To Dot

Can you join the dots to reveal the pineapple? Great for improving pencil control as well as number recognition and ordering. 

Complete The Picture

Pineapple Complete The Picture

Can you complete the pineapple by copying the completed picture? This looks great coloured in.