Seahorse Puzzle Sheets

Seahorses are a type of fish that are named because the shape of their head looks like a tiny horse head. The seahorse has a snout which sucks up food like a vacuum cleaner! We have lots of great pages relating to seahorses including colourings, word searches, puzzles and lots more.


Seahorse Maze

Can you guide the seahorse through the maze to find its home among the coral in this fun printable maze?

Seahorse Pattern Maze

Follow the correct pattern through the maze to help the seahorse find its home among the coral in this fun pattern maze.

Seahorse Piranha Maze

Beware of the piranhas as you try to guide the seahorse to the coral in this fun maze.

Word Search

Seahorse Word Search

Can you find all 18 seahorse related words in this fun word search puzzle? We have also included a cute seahorse to colour whilst you are searching.

Seahorse Word Search Easy

Can you find all the seahorse related words in this fun word search puzzle? We have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words making it perfect for younger children or those new to word searches.

Word Scramble

Seahorse Word Scramble

Can you work out all the seahorse anagrams in this fun word scramble puzzle? There are also two cute little sea horses to colour while you are trying to work them out.


Seahorse Boggled Puzzle

Use the rules provided to create as many words as you can with this fun word puzzle sheet. Don't forget to give yourself double points for any seahorse related words you find.

Shadow Match

Seahorse Shadow Match

Can you match the seahorse up to the correct shadow in this fun puzzle?

Grid copy

Seahorse Grid Copy

Copy the picture of this fun seahorse onto the empty grid. It is easier if you complete one square at a time until the picture is complete.

Seahorse Grid Copy 2

Copy the picture of the seahorse onto the empty grid. It is easier if you complete one square at a time until the picture is complete. 

How Many Words Puzzles

Snazzy Seahorse How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make from "Snazzy Seahorse" in this fun word puzzle game? Why not challenge your friends or class to see who can find the most?

Dot to Dot

Seahorse Dot to Dot

Join the dots to complete this fun seahorse picture. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Jigsaw Puzzles

Seahorse Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out this colourful seahorse jigsaw puzzle, cut out the pieces and you are ready to solve it. Why not laminate the pieces so you can use it again and again?

Seahorse Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Our number jigsaw puzzles are great for helping with number ordering skills. Cut out the jigsaw into strips and try to put it back together using the correct number order. If you want to make it more challenging you can cut off the numbers and try to solve it with the picture alone.

Alphabet Challenge

Seahorse Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a seahorse related word for each of the letters of the alphabet? Think about where they live, words to describe them and other animals they may meet.

Colour Copy

Seahorse Colour Copy

This stunning green seahorse is all ready to be copied. Get your crayons out and see if you can colour it in to match the picture. 

Seahorse Colour Copy Scene

Get your colouring pencils out ready to complete this seahorse scene colour copy challenge. There is lots of detail to keep you busy. 

Spot The Difference

Seahorse Find the Difference

Can you find all 5 differences between these two ocean scenes featuring an oyster, complete with pearl, and a seahorse?

Cut and Glue

Seahorse Cut and Glue

Cut out the three squares and stick them onto the seahorse in the correct place. Great for improving scissor skills. 

Complete The Picture

Seahorse Complete the Picture Puzzle

Use the completed picture to fill in the blanks on the grid and draw your own cute little seahorse.

Picture Puzzle

Seahorse Picture Puzzle

Reveal the seahorse picture by using the co-ordinates to draw the square into the correct place on the grid. If you don't want to draw you could always cut out each of the squares and stick them into the correct place.