Giraffes Puzzle Sheets

Did you know that giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world and need very little sleep, only about 10 minutes to 2 hours a day!? We have created a great section dedicated to giraffes with lots of colourings, puzzles and printables all ready and free to download.


Giraffe Maze

Can you help the giraffe through the maze to find some yummy leaves to eat from the tree?

Word Search

Giraffe Easy Word Search

Can you find the 12 giraffe related words in this fun word search? We have made it easier for younger children and those new to word searches by only including words listed horizontally or vertically.

Giraffe Word Search

There are 18 giraffe related words to find in this fun word search. There is also a cute little giraffe to colour while you are trying to find the words.


Giraffe Boggled Puzzle

Use the rules provided to find as many words as you can in this fun word puzzle. Why not challenge your friends and don't forget to give yourself double points for any giraffe related words.

Grid copy

Giraffe Cute Grid Copy

This cute giraffe grid copy is perfect for younger artists as there is less detail. Copy the image onto the blank grid to create your own masterpiece. 

Giraffe Grid Copy

Copy the giraffe into the empty grid by doing one square at a time to build the full picture. 

Dot to Dot

Giraffe Dot to Dot

Join the dots to reveal this cute giraffe which can be coloured in to make it extra special.

Giraffe Dot to Dot 2

Can you join the dots to complete the picture of the giraffe?

Jigsaw Puzzles

Giraffe Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out the page and cut out the pieces to solve this great jigsaw puzzle with a scene of a giraffe eating from the trees. It works even better if printed onto thin card. 

Giraffe Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Cut the sheet into the thin strips labelled from 1-10 to play this great number jigsaw puzzle. The tall giraffe picture is so cute and the puzzle helps with number ordering skills. 

Alphabet Challenge

Giraffe Alphabet Challenge

For each of the letters of the alphabet can you find a word relating to giraffes? These can be descriptive words or what the giraffe eats or anything about its habitat. You may have to get a bit creative with some of the letters!

Colour Copy

Giraffe Colour Copy

Get your orange and brown crayons at the ready to make a copy of this cute giraffe. 

Giraffe Colour Copy 2

Copy the colours from the smaller giraffe into the bigger version, why not cut it out and use on a display after you have finished?

Spot The Difference

Giraffe Spot The Difference

Can you find the 5 differences between the two giraffe scenes? 

Cut and Glue

Giraffe Cut and Glue

Cut out the shapes and glue them in the correct place to reveal the giraffe. Perfect for younger children first practicing their scissor skills.

Complete The Picture

Complete the Giraffe Picture

Fill in the blank boxes to create your own picture of a giraffe. A great way to improve observational and drawing skills.