Elephants Puzzle Sheets

Elephants are the largest living land mammal. There are three species of elephant, two of which live in Africa, the African savannah elephant and the African forest elephant. An elephants trunk is an extension of its nose and upper lip and it uses its trunk to grab food and put water into its mouth. We have lots of great elephant content including colourings, word searches, mazes and lots more. We hope you have fun exploring the section.


Elephant Mathematical Maze

Follow the numbers from 1-16 to find your way through this fun maze. Great for improving number ordering and recognition skills.

Elephant Maze

Can you work your way through the maze shaped like a cute elephant from top to bottom? 

Elephant String Maze

This elephant has lost her friend in this cute maze. Can you find the correct path so that she can be reunited with them?

Elephant Water Hole Maze

Help the elephant through the maze to find the water hole so it can take a nice bath and a refreshing drink. 

Word Search

Elephant Word Search

Can you find all the elephant related words? Don't forget to look diagonally as well as vertical and horizontal. 

Elephant Word Search Easy

There are lots or words to find in this elephant word search. This is perfect for younger children as we have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words. There is even a cute little elephant to colour. 


Elephant Boggled Puzzle

This is a fun version of the traditional Boggle game. Find as many words as you can using the rules provided, don't forget to give yourself double points for any elephant related words you find. Why not challenge your friends or class to see who can score the most points?

Grid copy

Elephant Cute Grid Copy

This cute little elephant is all ready to be copied onto the grid provided. Draw one square at a time and you will soon create your own masterpiece. Perfect for younger elephant lovers.

Elephant Grid Copy

This more realistic drawing of an elephant is more suitable for older children. A great way to learn how to draw this majestic animal.

Dot to Dot

Elephant Dot To Dot

This sweet little elephant isn't quite finished, can you join the dots to finish him off? 

Jigsaw Puzzles

Elephant Jigsaw Puzzle

This lovely colourful scene of an elephant makes a great jigsaw. Just print out onto thin card, cut the pieces out and you are all set. This is even better if you laminate it, as it can be used again and again. 

Elephant Number Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is best printed on thin card. Cut out the jigsaw into the strips, mix them up and then try to solve the puzzle by putting the numbers into their correct order. Great for improving number ordering skills.

Alphabet Challenge

Elephant Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word relating to elephants for each of the letters of the alphabet? There are a few harder letters where you might have to be a bit creative. 

Colour Copy

Elephant Colour Copy

How cute is this little elephant? You can colour your own by using the colours on the completed picture to colour your own. 

Spot The Difference

Elephant Spot The Difference

There are 5 differences to find between these two pictures of elephants. Can you spot them all?

Cut and Glue

Elephant Cut and Glue

Cut out the different parts and stick them down to create your own cute little elephant.

Complete The Picture

Elephant Complete The Picture

Use the completed picture of the elephant to fill in the gaps and complete your own version.