Easter Printables

Easter is a Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebrations include egg painting and decorating and bonnet making.

Cards to Print

Easter Egg Card to Print

This lovely Easter egg card is all ready coloured and ready to print. For best results print onto card with a borderless setting.

Happy Easter Card to Print

This lovely "Happy Easter" card is all ready coloured and ready for printing. Print on card with a borderless setting for the best results. 


Easter Egg Basket Poster

A lovely Easter egg basket poster to print out and decorate your classroom or bedroom.

Happy Easter Bunting Poster

This lovely pastel coloured "Happy Easter" bunting is great to decorate the classroom. You can get children to cut the eggs out and make their own bunting or banner. (3 pages)

Happy Easter Poster

This lovely colourful "Happy Easter" poster is great to decorate your classroom.