World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day is an annual event aimed at educating people on how they can protect the habitats of turtles and tortoises. We have lots of great turtle and tortoise content including colourings, word searches and lots more to mark this great day. 

World Turtle Day Worksheets

Turtle Story Paper

Use the sheet to write your own story, will it be about turtles in the sea or a pet you might have? You can use the sheet to write the story or to make a story plan. There is even a cute turtle to colour in.

Turtle Tracing Page

Draw over the dashed lines to create your own cute little turtle, you could always colour it in to make it extra special. 

Turtle Symmetry Puzzle

Can you draw the other half of the turtle using the rules of symmetry? If you get stuck try holding a mirror against it to show you what you should draw.

World Turtle Day Colouring Sheets

Ocean Turtle Colouring Page

This ocean turtle looks so happy and makes a fun colouring page.

Swimming Turtle Colouring Page

The turtle is swimming through the water in this great colouring page. We hope you have fun colouring it in.

Tortoise Adult Colouring

We have created a lovely tortoise colouring with lots of detail. Perfect for older children and adults.

Tortoise Colouring

Tortoises make great pets. Here we have a lovely hand drawn tortoise colouring page free for you to download. This is great to colour in on its own or why not add some detail or doodling to make it extra special?

Tortoise Detailed Colouring

Here we have a more detailed tortoise colouring free for you to download and enjoy.

Turtle Colouring Page

This cute little turtle is swimming through the ocean in this fun colouring page.

Turtle Colouring Page 2

This turtle is great for colouring or why not decorate it using doodles to make it extra special?

Turtle Doodle Colouring Page

This turtle has lots of detail and doodles all over it and makes a great colouring for older children or adults. 

Turtle Mindful Colouring Page

This gorgeous turtle has so much detail and is perfect for mindful colouring to help you relax.

Turtles Swimming Colouring Page

These two turtles are happily swimming in the sea and make a fun colouring page.

World Turtle Day Puzzle Sheets

Turtle Maze

Can you help the turtle reach its friend in this fun turtle maze?

Tortoise Word Search

We have a great tortoise word search with lots of fun tortoise words to find. Remember to look in all directions and even backwards. 

Turtle Word Search

Find all 18 turtle related words in this fun word search puzzle.

Turtle Word Search Easier

Can you find the turtle related words in the word search puzzle? We have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words. We even have some cute little turtles to colour in.

Turtle Word Scramble

Can you solve the 10 anagrams relating to turtles in this fun word scramble puzzle?

Turtle Boggled Puzzle

Create as many words as you can using the letters in the grid, you can move in any direction and you can even give yourself double points for any turtle related words you find.

Turtle Grid Copy

Copy the picture of the turtle with the help of the grid. If you draw one square at a time you will soon have the picture complete.

Turtle Grid Copy 2

Use the picture and the grid provided to draw your own swimming turtle. Complete one square at a time and you will soon have the picture complete.

Turtley Awesome How Many Words Puzzle

How many words can you make from the phrase "turtley awesome"? Why not challenge your class or friends to see who can find the most?

Turtle Dot to Dot

Join the dots to complete this great turtle picture. Great for helping to improve number ordering skills.

Turtle Number Jigsaw Puzzle

This sheet is great for improving number ordering skills. Cut the picture of the turtle into strips and try to piece back together using the numbers. If you want more of a challenge why not cut off the numbers and try to piece using the picture alone?

Turtle Printable Jigsaw

Print out this cute little jigsaw of a turtle swimming in the ocean, cut out the pieces and you are ready to play.  

Turtle Alphabet Challenge

For each of the letters of the alphabet can you come up with a turtle related word? You may have to think about the habitat they live in, animals they might encounter and words to describe them to get all of the letters.

Turtle Colour Copy

This very smiley turtle is all ready to be copied. Get out your crayons and colour him in to match the finished picture.

Turtle Colour Copy 2

This cute little swimming turtle is all ready to be coloured in. Use the existing picture and copy the colours to create your own masterpiece.

Turtle Find the Difference

Can you find the 5 differences between these two turtle scenes in this fun spot the difference puzzle.

Turtle Complete The Picture

Use the finished picture to help you complete this cute picture of a turtle. 

Turtle Picture Puzzle

Use the co-ordinates to draw the correct square into the grid to reveal the picture. If you don't want to draw then you can always cut out the pieces and stick them down.

World Turtle Day Printables

Turtle Poster

Print out this colourful picture of a turtle and use it in a display in your classroom. We have added a label to help with word recognition.

Turtle Acrostic Poem

Can you create your own acrostic poem using the word "turtle" as the sentence starting letter for each of your sentences? There is also a picture of two cute little turtles to colour in.