Teacher Appreciation Day (US)

Welcome to our Teacher Appreciation Day page. We have 2 lovely “Best Teacher” cards for you to color and send to your favourite teacher. We also have a set of teacher bookmarks to color and give to your teacher as a gift.

Teacher Appreciation Day (US) Colouring Sheets

Best Teacher Colouring Page

This fun colouring page features the words "Best Teacher" and a rosette to colour. Perfect for giving to your teacher as a thank you for all the support they give.

Best Teacher Ever Colouring Page

This best ever teacher colouring makes a perfect gift for your teacher.

Classroom with Teacher Colouring

The friendly teacher is teaching her young class in this cute colouring. Perfect to talk about what it will be like at school and as a great colouring page. 

Teacher Colouring

This teacher is all ready to read a story to the class on this great colouring page. Perfect for learning the name of a new teacher at the start of a new year, just print out and colour in.

Teacher Colouring with Label

This great colouring of a teacher about to read the class a story is all ready to print out and colour in. This colouring is part of a series of colourings that help with classroom vocabulary. We have included the label of the word teacher to help younger children recognise and read the word.

Teacher Hug Colouring Page

This cute picture of two children giving a thank you hug to their teacher makes a perfect colouring. Why not give it to your teacher when you finish it as a thank you?

Best Teacher Card 2 coloring sheet

This cute card with children holding up placards showing what a great teacher they have is perfect for printing and colouring to give to your teacher for Teacher Appreciation day. 

Best Teacher Card Coloring Sheet

This best teacher colouring card makes a perfect present for Teacher Appreciation day. It has a lovely rosette to colour to celebrate how great your teacher is.

Best Teacher Ever Card

Why not colour this card to give to your favourite teacher? It features words to colour and an apple and makes a perfect gift for Teacher Appreciation day.

Teacher Hug Card

This fun card features two children giving their teacher a thank you hug. Perfect for colouring in and giving to your teacher at the end of the school year or on Teacher Appreciation day.

Teacher Appreciation Day (US) Printables

Teacher Bookmarks to Colour

We have 5 fabulous bookmarks all celebrating your great teacher. Perfect for colouring in and giving as a gift to your teacher for Teacher Appreciation day. 

Teacher with Label Colour Poster

Our teacher poster has a friendly teacher reading to her class and contains the label "teacher". It is part of our class vocabulary series and helps younger children recognise and read the word. Perfect for decorating a classroom with.