Pancake Day

Pancake Day is also called Shrove Tuesday in the UK. It is observed by many Christians and is the day before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent. Lots of delicious Pancakes are eaten on this day and we have celebrated it with lots of colourings and puzzles. 

Pancake Day Colouring Sheets

Flipping Pancakes Colouring Page

This little girl is making a Pancake to celebrate Pancake day on this fun colouring page. She has great pancake flipping skills, much better than mine!

Making Pancakes Colouring Page

Here's a fun colouring page featuring a chef making pancakes for Pancake Day. A great sheet for younger children. What do you think he will top his delicious pancakes with? 

Pancake Day Flipping Colouring Page

This delicious pancake is being flipped in the frying pan. Perfect for children to colour in for Pancake day. Why not get the children to write out their favourite toppings or the ingredients around the edge of the page?

Pancake Day Ingredients Colouring Page

This colouring page shows all of the ingredients that you might need to make some delicious pancakes. Why not get the children to label the ingredients or write the amounts needed of each underneath their colourings? 

Stack of Pancakes Colouring Page

How delicious does this stack of pancakes look? Perfect for colouring in to celebrate Pancake Day. Why not get children to write their favourite toppings around the page? 

Pancake Day Puzzle Sheets

Pancake Day Word Search

Celebrate Pancake day with this fun word search. Lots of words to find, can you find them all? This is meant for slightly older children or those experienced with word searches as it contains diagonal as well as vertical and horizontal words. 

Pancake Day Word Search Easy

This Pancake day word search is lots of fun and is aimed at younger children or those less experienced in doing word searches. It only contains horizontal and vertical words. We hope you have fun with it. 

Pancake Day Boggled Puzzle

How many words can you find on this Pancake day boggled puzzle? The rules are printed on the sheet, don't forget to give yourself double points for any Pancake day related words you find. This is a great challenge to do both individually to challenge yourself or as a class. 

Pancake Day Flipping Grid Copy

Draw your own pancake getting flipped in the pan with this great grid copy sheet. The grid makes it easier to draw by just copying one square at a time. 

Pancake Day How Many Words Puzzle

How many words of two or more letters can you make from "Pancake Day"? This is a great class challenge and a good way to boost vocabulary. 

Pancake Day Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a Pancake Day related word for each of the alphabet letters? A fun activity to celebrate the day.