Holi is a Hindu festival all about colour and celebrates Spring, love and new life. Although the origins of the festival are in South Asia, it has gained popularity throughout the world. As part of the celebrations people chase each other throwing coloured powder and water balloons. Each colour carries a different meaning, red symbolises love and fertility, yellow is happiness and peace and green is for new beginnings. 

We have created lots of colouring pages, puzzles and other printables to celebrate Holi, we hope you have fun exploring the section.

Holi Worksheets

Decorate an Elephant for Holi

Design your own pattern on the elephant and colour it in bright colours to celebrate Holi in this fun activity page.

Holi Colouring Sheets

Decorate Happy Holi Colouring Page

Colour the words "Happy Holi" and decorate the page to celebrate the Holi Festival.

Decorated Indian Elephant Colouring Page

This decorated elephant is all ready to be coloured in. Why not use bright colours and colour it to celebrate the Holi Festival.

Happy Holi Colouring Page

Colour in the words "Happy Holi" and the decorations to celebrate this colourful Festival.

Happy Holi Decorations Colouring Powder

This Happy Holi colouring page features lots of different coloured powders all ready to be thrown on the day. Can you colour each of the powders in a different colour and find out the meaning behind each of the colours?

Holi Colouring Page

These people are enjoying throwing powder at the Holi Festival in this fun colouring page.

Holi Decorations Colouring Page

There are lots of decorations here that are all ready to celebrate the Holi festival. You will need lots of bright colours to colour them all in.

Holi Puzzle Sheets

Holi Word Search

Can you find all the words relating to Holi in this fun word search puzzle?

Holi Word Search Easy

Can you find all of the words relating to Holi in this fun word search? We have made it easier by only including horizontal and vertical words.

Holi Boggled Puzzle

Can you find as many words as you can in this fun word game? Use the rules provided on the sheet and don't forget to give yourself double points for any Holi related words you find.

Holi Picture Puzzle

Copy each of the squares into the correct co-ordinates on the grid to reveal the Holi mystery picture. If you don't want to draw out the squares you can always cut them out and stick them into the grid instead.

Holi Printables

Holi Acrostic Poem

Celebrate Holi with this fun acrostic poem page. Can you think of a sentence starting with each of the letters of Holi?

Holi Paper Chain Template

Make a paper chain for the Holi Festival with our fun template. Just print out the sheet, colour the strips, cut them out and stick them together to form a chain.