Funky Chicken

Learn how to make the funky talking chicken!

Time to make: Approximately 20 minutes

You will need: Yellow paper or card, scissors, glue stick, felt tip pens, “googly” eyes

Step 1

Draw out the chicken shape on the yellow paper with the felt tip pen. If you don’t have yellow paper and you are using white then draw out the shape and colour the main circle in yellow.

Step 2

Cut out the shape, adult supervision will be required here.

Step 3

Find the middle and fold the shape in two.

Step 4

Make a cut half way up the chicken about 3 cm in length.

Step 5

Fold the cut edges inwards as shown and press down on this crease to make it crisp.

Step 6

Fold these edges back to the original start position and open up your chicken.

Step 7

Push and fold the beak from the back so that it looks like the picture.

Step 8

Glue on the googly eyes or if you don’t have these draw some eyes onto the chicken. Draw a line around the beak with your felt tip pen.

Step 9

Colour in the top part of the chicken red and you are finished. Now get your chicken to open and close its beak.


Here are a few chickens my daughter has created:

Funky Chicken

Please click on the link or picture above to print off a great quality PDF document.

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