Stick Insects Colouring Sheets

Stick insects are masters of camouflage, not only do they look like a stick they act like one too! They imitate a twig by rocking back and forth as if it is swaying in the wind. These fun animals make interesting pets and are great to study as part of a minibeast theme. We have lots of pages for you to enjoy on stick insects including, colourings, puzzles and worksheets.

Stick Insect Basic Colouring Page

An easier stick insect colouring suitable for younger children. 

Stick Insect Colouring Page

A great stick insect colouring page. Why not colour it in to look like a stick and add lots of twigs into the background and show how good it is at camouflage?

Stick Insect Mindfulness Colouring Page

A very detailed stick insect mindfulness page. Why not doodle a background to make this page extra special?