Ants Colouring Sheets

Ants are amazing creatures. Did you know that the ant is one of the strongest creatures in relation to its size? It can carry 50 times its own body weight! We have lots of interesting facts, colourings and puzzles in our great ant minibeast section. We hope you enjoy it.

Ant Basic Colouring Sheet

Did you know that the bullet ant is said to have the most painful sting in the world and has been compared to being hit by a bullet! If you are doing a study of ants this smiley ant colouring page is pefect for younger children.

Ant Colouring Page

This detailed ant colouring is great for those studying ants or minibeasts. 

Ant Mindfulness Colouring Page

Here is a very detailed ant colouring, great for adults and older children and those that like mindfulness colouring.