Hyenas Colouring Sheets

The spotted hyena is a highly successful animal being the most common large carnivore in Africa. It is a hunter and also a scavenger. Hyenas are know for their laugh which is a high pitch sound made when they are threatened or under attack. We have lots of hyena sheets for you to enjoy, including colourings, puzzles, word searches and much more.

Hyena Colouring Page

This hyena is all ready to be coloured in and is perfect for an African animal project.

Hyena Colouring Page 2

This hyena is having a prowl around his territory in the African savannah, can you draw some background for him to walk in? 

Hyena Cute Colouring Page

This cute drawing of a hyena is perfect for younger children and a great sheet if you are learning about African animals.

Hyena Mindful Colouring Page

This detailed picture of a hyena makes a perfect mindful colouring page. It is great for older children or adults wanting to colour for relaxation.

Laughing Hyena Colouring Page

Did you know that the hyena makes a high pitched laughing noise when it is attacked or feels threatened? We have a fun picture of a laughing hyena all ready for you to colour.