Bird Cake

A bird cake is made up of fat, bird seed, peanuts, raisins and other things. It gives the birds much needed energy and helps them to keep warm in the winter months when finding food is more difficult.

Keep the birds happy this Winter and learn how to make them a bird cake with our simple instructions below.

Time to make: Approximately 20 minutes

You will need: Lard, mixing bowl, string (50 cm), empty yogurt pot and scissors. You will also need all or some of the following:

bird seed /  raisins /grated cheese / dried porridge oats / peanuts (not salted)

Step 1

Carefully make a  hole through the top of the empty yogurt pot.

Step 2

Thread the 50 cm piece of string through the hole and tie a knot.


Step 3

Cut up the lard into small chunks and place it into the mixing bowl. Leave at room temperature until it softens.

Step 4

Add the nuts, bird seed and other dried foods to the lard and squash it all together until it is all mixed in. You should be adding about 2 times the amount of dried food to 1 times the amount of lard.

Step 5

Fill the yogurt pot with the mixture and put in the fridge to set

Step 6

Once set you can hang the bird cake on a tree, climbing frame or somewhere else the birds might visit

Step 7

Why not make a record of what sort of birds eat the cake. You may even get a squirrel!

Bird Cake

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