E Alphabet Memory and Matching Game

This great set of cards contains eleven items all beginning with the letter E. There are lots of ways you can use these cards including a matching game and a memory game as described below:

Matching Game - Print out two sets of cards, cut them out and use for a matching game. Turn them all over so you can't see the picture. Take it in turns turning two cards over and see if you can find a matching pair. When you find a match you can keep the cards. The winner is the person that has the most matching pairs when all the cards have been paired.

Memory Game - Print out a set of cards and cut them out. Mix the cards up and leave face up. Now set a timer for 30 seconds and get your child to try and remember what each card is. When the timer has finished, get your child to look away and remove one of the cards. See if your child can spot which card has been removed. You can make it harder by removing one card and mixing the cards up.

Print Print E Alphabet Memory and Matching Game

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