Flies Puzzle Sheets

The fly we see the most is the house fly. Did you know that the house fly relies manily on its sense of smell to locate food? We have a great fly section which has lots of colourings, puzzles and games for you to enjoy.


Fly Maze

This fly has spotted a spider and needs to escape the room quick. Can you help him by guiding him through the maze?

Word Search

Fly Word Search

Did you know that a fly has 5 eyes? We have lots of fly words to find in our fly word search. 

Grid copy

Fly Grid Copy

This fun fly grid copy is fairly easy and suitable for younger children. Great for improving observational skills.

Fly Grid Copy Harder

This very detailed fly grid copy is very challenging.

Dot to Dot

Fly Dot To Dot

We have created a fly dot to dot, perfect for helping with pen control and ordering numbers.

Odd One Out

Fly Odd One Out

Which of our eight flies is the odd one out? How quick can you spot the difference?