Earwigs Puzzle Sheets

Earwigs are long flat insects with six legs and at the end of their abdomen they have a set of forceps that look like pincers. They use these for defense. Earwigs don't live up to their name and crawl into people's ears! We have lots more fun earwig facts, puzzles, word searches and colourings in our earwig minibeast section.


Earwig Maze

This earwig is being chased by a bird who wants to eat it for its supper. Can you guide it through the maze to escape the bird?

Grid copy

Earwig Grid Copy

A basic earwig grid copy suitable for younger children.

Earwig Grid Copy Harder

This realistic earwig has lots of detail and makes a challenging grid copy.

Dot to Dot

Earwig Dot to Dot

A dot to dot earwig page perfect for those young minibeast fans.

Odd One Out

Earwig Odd One Out

Whuch of these 12 earwigs is the odd one out? Will you be the first to spot the difference?