Baboons Puzzle Sheets

Baboons are ground dwelling and are found in open savannah, open woodland and the hills across Africa. They spend most of their time on the ground but sleep in high places such as trees and cliffs. They are known for being rowdy, fierce and socially intelligent. We have lots of colouring sheets, puzzles and word searches relating to the baboon.


Baboon Maze

Can you guide the baboon through the maze to reach the yummy banana treat?

Word Search

Baboon Easy Word Search

Can you solve this baboon word search by finding the 12 baboon related words? We have made this easier and only put words horizontally and vertically to make it perfect for younger children.

Baboon Word Search

Find the 20 words relating to baboons in this fun word search. 


Baboon Boggled Puzzle

Use the rules printed on the sheet to find as many words as you can from the grid. Total your score and see if you can beat your friends, don't forget yo give yourself double points for any baboon related words.

Grid copy

Baboon Grid Copy

Use the grid provided to copy the baboon doing one square at a time to build up the full picture. Great for improving observational and drawing skills.

Dot to Dot

Baboon Dot To Dot Puzzle

Join the dots from 1 to 32 to compete the baboon. Why not colour it in to make it extra special?

Jigsaw Puzzles

Baboon Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out the sheet and cut up the pieces to make your own fun baboon jigsaw puzzle. How quick can you solve it?

Baboon Number Jigsaw Puzzle

Print the sheet and cut out the strips. You now need to mix them up and try and put them in the correct order to reveal the baboon. Great for improving number ordering skills.

Alphabet Challenge

Baboon Alphabet Challenge

Can you think of a word beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet that relates to a baboon? You might have to get a bit creative with some of the letters.

Colour Copy

Baboon Colour Copy

Use the completed picture of the baboon to help you colour your own. Can you match the colours?

Spot The Difference

Baboon Spot The Difference

Can you find the 5 differences between the two scenes containing this cute baboon?

Complete The Picture

Baboon Complete The Picture

Fill in the gaps in the picture to draw your own baboon.