Beetle Drive Games

Beetle Drive Game

Why not play the popular beetle drive game with your children or class or why not set up a beetle drive event?

Beetle Drive is very easy to play, all you need to do is grab a dice and print off our free beetle drive pdf by clicking on the image above.

Beetle Drive Rules

Cut the sheet in two and give a game sheet to each player. The youngest player starts first and rolls a dice. You then draw a beetle part depending on what you have thrown. There is a faint image of the beetle for you to draw over, this is to help younger children who are not competent at drawing. You must draw a body first. You need to draw a head before you fill in the eyes and antennae.

1 = eyes (x 2)

2 = antennae (x2)

3 = legs (x6)

4 = wings (x2)

5 = head (x1 and must be drawn before eyes and antennae)

6 = Body (x1 and must be drawn first)

The round ends when the first person in the room draws a complete beetle and shouts “BEETLE”. Add up your scores.  If you have the highest table score move to the table on the right, if you have the lowest move to the table on your left.