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Lots of different types of counting sheets, including counting how many and colour and count.

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Cars Counting Worksheets

Cars How Many Worksheet

Count how many cars there are and put in the box provided in this lovely colour worksheet.

Easter Counting Worksheets

Easter Count and Colour Worksheet

We have created a great count and colour worksheet, great for younger children and those learning to count.

Easter Counting Worksheet

This great Easter themed counting worksheet is perfect for those younger children and those learning to count.

How Many Chicks Worksheet

Count how many chicks there are in this great Easter worksheet for younger children.

Transport Counting Worksheets

Transport Count and Colour Worksheet

A great counting worksheet aimed at our younger audience. Count how many of each vehicle there are and colour the correct amount in.

Transport Counting Worksheet

This beautiful colour worksheet has lots of great vehicles to count. Put the number in the box provided.