Under The Sea

Our under the sea section has lots of free printable ocean creatures coloring sheets,  puzzles and free printable sea bingo cards! Also check out our sea reward chart and certificates these are very popular and can be used as behaviour charts, chore charts or even to help with potty training. If you want information on the actual oceans and continents of the world why not visit our oceans and continents theme?

Under The Sea Coloring

Deep Sea Diving Coloring Sheet

Octopus Coloring Sheet

Sea Medley Coloring Sheet

Submarine Coloring Sheet

Under The Sea Bingo

Please click on the images to get our free printable bingo sheets and call cards with 14 unique bingo game cards for you to print out and enjoy.

Under the Sea Bingo Call Cards

Under the Sea Bingo Game Cards

 Under the Sea Crosswords

Octopus Crossword Easy

Terrapin Crossword Harder

Under the Sea Mazes

Crab Maze Easy

Fish Maze Medium

Deep Sea Diver Maze Harder

Under the Sea Reward Charts and Certificates

Under the Sea Reward Chart

Under the Sea Reward Chart Certificate

Under the Sea Certificate General

Under the Sea Word Scramble

Under the Sea Word Scramble

Under the Sea Word Scramble Answers

 Under the Sea Word Searches

Under the Sea Word Search Easy

“S” for Seahorse Word Search Harder